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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - clarke
REO Property Management Minimize

 Manage the entire REO property life cycle... from occupancy to closing and every step inbetween.  REO maestro provides quick, at-a-glance, views to property, occupant (cfk, eviction, personal property), BPO, monthly marketing reports, listing history, offer detail, notes, and fees.  Let maestro keep you completely organized regardless of the size of your portfolio!  

Expense Tracking Minimize

 Accurately tracking your expenses on your REO properties is one of the most important steps in protecting your bottom line.  Maestro bridges the distance between spending and accounting for dollars, with minimal key strokes.  Add expenses at the moment the money is spent or authorized.  Auto launch work orders to keep your vendors well informed.  With REO maestro Abacus™ you will have the ability to systemically synch expenses between maestro and QuickBooks.   

Banks and Outsourcers Minimize

 Track  and maintain all key client contact information   Record all client business rules and guidelines to integrate seamlessly with the each property consistently keeping you one step ahead of your client's needs!  




Import Outlook Email Minimize

 Complete and accurate case notes are integral to the marketing and management of REO properties.  Notes may be re-displayed by note type, author, date, etc., allowing you to drill down to find a particular note.  Entries are recorded in each property record and may be printed or emailed to anyone directly from REO maestro.  Set up an auto import and allow maestro to record any notes from your inbox (where a match on property address or client number can be made) back into individual property records.   

Vendor Tracking Minimize

 Effectively track your vendors including all key contact data, documents, dates and dollars associated with the organizations you engage to assist you in the marketing and management of your REO.  Categorize by the type of service each vendor provides.  Accurately grade each vendor based on performance.  


Web Listings | Offers Minimize

 Imagine having all your listing properties pushed automatically to your personal website simply by updating the status of the property to LISTED?  It's just that easy!  We provide you with the link that you may place on your personal website.  Once you have enabled our web listing service, direct selling agents to submit offers through your website... the terms and offer package will be downloaded directly into the property record!  Too cool!  

Auto and Manual Tasking Minimize

 Composer™ will seamlessly enable you to set up task templates on a per client basis, meeting the differing and ever-changing needs of each of your clients.  Our task wizard will guide you through each auto task, engaging the proper controls for recurrence and suspension of key tasks.  Compliment auto tasking with the ability to manually add tasks to any property.   

Reporting | Document Storage Minimize

 REO maestro provides access to nearly every data field associated with your clients, vendors, and properties; the reporting tools are limitless!  Slice, dice, track, and report on your properties and performance like never before.

REO maestro completely promotes paperless document and photo storage.  YOU decide where to store your key documents and photos and then simply link this location to maestro.  

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